Wardrobes are an essential part of our home’s interiors

Wardrobes are an essential part of our home’s interiors.  It is just as important as any other design aspect in a house, especially in the bedroom. An intelligently designed wardrobe provides ample storage space so you can keep your belongings in an organised way. The wardrobe design – how it looks, what it’s made of, where it is placed, etc. are all crucial aspects that affect the overall look of the room. An efficiently designed wardrobe plays a key part in making your home look clean, organised and clutter free while the choice of material for finish adds to the overall aesthetics of your interiors.

 In fact, a wardrobe is possibly the most important piece of furniture in a bedroom apart from the bed, as it plays both an aesthetic and a functional role.

It usually consists of three basic elements: Hanging closet, drawers and shelves to arrange your clothes, accessories, shoes, and other essentials in a clutter free manner.

There are lots of things to take into consideration before choosing a wardrobe design. Since everyone has different specifications and needs, it’s important to figure out what works for you and what you want. Finding the right balance of style and functionality can be tricky but is definitely necessary. Here are a few tips to help you pick the right wardrobe designs for bedrooms:

 1) Choosing the Type –

The type of wardrobe design for the bedroom is one of the primary decisions you have to make when looking at wardrobe designs for bedrooms – You have to choose between a free-standing wardrobe or a built-in one. A free-standing wardrobe is easily transferable from one room to another and can even be taken with you if you shift houses in the future. A custom, built-in wardrobe may take time in a building but it gives you the freedom to choose the color and material with which it’s built and finished.

2) Size Matters –

The wardrobe design should be the correct size…

 3) Style –

There is a wide range of wardrobe design styles available, making the decision to choose the wardrobe design a very difficult one. An important thing to keep in mind is that the wardrobe design should match the theme of the interiors and other furniture items of the house, and should definitely be in sync with the overall look of the bedroom. While picking a color during the wardrobe design selection process, go with hues that blend well with the color palette of the room.

4) Storage Needs –

The kind of storage you need for your clothing collection should be a key determinant when finalizing your wardrobe design. For example, if your wardrobe consists primarily of dresses and formal wear, you should have sufficient hanging space.

 5) The material of the Wardrobe –

Choosing the correct material for the wardrobe is important. While wood is the most common material used, acrylic and laminates are also used. We should choose a material that goes with the look of the room, like for a colorful children’s room, we can use acrylic and for a room with wooden furniture, we can use a wooden wardrobe. But make sure to use material that is durable and lasts a long time as a wardrobe is not furniture we change often. Also, the material should be one that does its job of protecting the contents of the wardrobe, along with adding a beautiful touch to the room.

6) Look of the Room –

If you want a clean and simple look for the room, you can opt for a compact wardrobe design that hides everything.

7) Cabinets instead of Wardrobes –

To save space in the room, instead of dedicating an empty wall to your wardrobe, you can custom design the cabinets around the windows or around your television, or even around your bed.

8) Door Style –

The door of the wardrobe is just as important as the interior wardrobe design. You can choose swing doors, sliding doors or even automatic doors. Swing door wardrobes work best for large enough rooms that allow doors to open and have enough space to walk around while the wardrobe doors are open while sliding door wardrobes help save on space and compliment wide wardrobe designs elegantly. The exterior design and the color of the door also add a different look to the room.

 9) Accessorized wardrobe –

Some wardrobes have accessories added to their design such as mirrors and fancy hooks. This can add to the aesthetic quality of the wardrobe design and the look of the room, as well as enhancing its functionality. While a round or oval mirror is apt with a small wardrobe, a rectangular mirror is more likely to go perfectly with the bigger ones. Adding a mirror to the wardrobe design also saves space as you can then eliminate a self-standing mirror from the room.

Bedroom furniture should be chosen carefully as the bedroom is the place where you must be most comfortable and at ease. All the things in the bedroom, including the wardrobe design, must be in accord and harmony and be able to bring comfort to the occupants.

All these tips given above can be well taken care of by an Architect  – who are masters in this.  Consulting a well experienced professional Architect is always advisable to make your dream come true within your budget. 

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