Keep Your House Warm And Cosy This Winter


The crisp chill of winter air is an absolute delight and, by contrast, so is a cosy corner in your home where you can sip some hot cocoa and immerse in your favourite book on a freezing winter day. Adding warmth to your space and preparing your home for the nearing winter is easier than you think. For those of us who experience temperatures below freezing point, lighting a fire in the fireplace, sealing the windows, and using a heater is a given, but there are some tricks that can bring warmth in both harsh and moderate winters.


Rugs and carpets: Non-insulated floors are naturally cold to walk on, but can also contribute to up to 10% of the total heat loss of the house. Thus, keeping your floor insulated with rugs is not only an easy option but also an excellent excuse to bring opulence to your home with the chicest persian or kashmiri carpets. However, if you want to save on cash: go for natural classics such as sisal and jute in a large size and layer with a smaller expensive rug.

Furniture rearrangement: While heating and insulating your room does ensure minimal heat loss, a simple furniture rearrangement can be effective as well. If space allows, then make sure that your seating furniture is not directly under or in front of a large window, or a balcony, as sitting close to an air inlet can cause radiant heat loss from the body. Instead, opt for a corner seating arrangement, perhaps close to a heat radiator. As an added advantage, the rearrangement may even start to feel like a pseudo-renovation.  

Create a corner: If your home does not have a reading nook, described here in the very beginning, then the low temperatures should inspire you to have one. Use this opportunity and get yourself a big accent chair, accessorize it with a throw and a lot of throw-cushions, place a statement floor lamp on a side, hang your favourite artworks on the wall and lastly find a small bookcase to complete the lush corner, perfect for some quality me-time.


Cosy fabrics: During harsh winters, swap your cotton curtains, pillows and bed spreads with thicker fabrics like velvet, jacquards, silk satin etc. Replacing your cotton sheets with layered flannel sheets will keep the heat trapped and transform your bed into a snug haven that’ll be hard to resist. For added comfort and drama, include a cuddly faux-fur cushion as well. Layering your curtains is also an option which, besides adding to the beauty, will keep the heat entrapped.

Throws: It is not commonplace to find throws on couches in an Indian home, but for winter days,it is a functional addition to keep you warm when you to watch your favourite series or movie. Contrast your throw with the sofa upholstery as it is the perfect chance to add a pop of color or print to your home. Alternately, you can also reuse an old handwoven shawl as a throw for your couch or chair.

Cover your dining chairs: If you own upholstered dining chairs, then winter is an apt time to purchase washable cushions or slipcovers for them. Highly utilitarian, they also transform your space with little investment.

Warm lighting: Lighting is a prime factor in keeping your house cosy. Opt for mood-altering warm colors such as yellow and sunset orange which help set a soft and serene atmosphere — perfect for a relaxing evening away from the cold outside.While the ambient light in your room can remain white, you can simply update the bulbs of your focus lighting for the desired effect. If none of that is possible, simply light up candles, better-still if they are scented.

Warm paints: Painting rooms, especially the ones that don’t get much sunlight, in a warm color palette of carmen, oranges, ochre and even beige instead of white can help the room feel warmer as compared to the rooms painted in colder hues like blue and grey, as shown to be true by a Michigan State University study.

Insulation is the key: Sun being a scarce resource in winters, on a sunny day, utilize the heat energy to the maximum. Keep your windows and doors open and let the sunlight into your house and when it starts to get cold around evening time, shut doors and draw your drapes to trap the heat inside. An unusual but effective trick is to use bubble wrap to insulate your windows. Just spray a small amount of water on your windows to stick the bubble wrap on it, with the bubble-side towards the glass. This effectively insulates your room by sealing the heat inside.

Just like it makes sense to update your closet each season, in the same way, as is clear from all the enlisted tips — your home needs some prepping for the new season too. So, when you upgrade your home this winter, do it smartly and do it in style.

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