Diwali is round the corner and being the most awaited festival in India, everybody is waiting for it to lighten up not only their homes but lives as well. While all the men are looking forward to the holiday, all the ladies are busy decorating their homes. Here are some awesome tips to decorate your home in a spectacular way this Diwali. Diwali is a festival of lights, colours, love, sweets and anything you can think of that brings a smile on your face. Generally we always tend to bring our ideas to help you make a perfect décor for your home or office.

It’s a very ancient practice in India to make homes ready for festivals by spring cleaning,scrubbing, arranging and sometimes even renovating homes.There is no doubt about the fact that this cleaning and decorating activity lends a new soul to the home and adds to the festive and serene vibe.
But gone are the days when most people would live in joint families facilitating a big spruce­up army.Nuclear families with all working members often find it very stressful to live up to what is expected out of them during festivals.
But worry not. There are a lot of small but very effective changes that you can bring about in your homes to make it look all set for Diwali Home Decor. Adopt these simple measures and relish all the compliments that the guests shower on you for doing up the house so well for the festival.

Entrance :

Give Goddess Laxmi and your guests a warm welcome by decorating the entrance door with beautiful Bandhanwars. These will not only add a festive charm but will adorn the entrance very well. You can make your own piece of bandhanwar with bells, ribbons, mirrors, flowers, decorative hangings and embroidered elements to give your home a personal touch. Looking for something special? Best interior designers at FDS say, hang a decorative bell on the door, the melodious tone will give all the more festive feel.

Flower power:

Natural flowers bring color and cheer to life. Not to forget their sweet fragrance. Place fresh flowers in each room every day and see your mornings bloom cheerfully just like them. If real flowers are not your thing, get hold of a good assorted bunch of real looking artificial flowers. Mix and match to get a whole variety of floral arrangements that will never wither, smell or attract bees.

Flowers not only bring freshness to your home, but add up bright hues and a festive feel. Decorate railing, doors with garlands or make a Rangoli with flowers. Use flowers in a different way, take cylindrical glasses filled with water and add a vibrant hues flower say orchid and place a floating candle to create a magical look. You can also add flowers around diyas to give them a special treatment.

Diyas and Candles :

This Diwali, do something different by coloring earthen diyas with bright acrylic colors and small cut mirrors or stones. You can also make your own diyas with ceramic clay in different shapes and colors to add to your Diwali Decoration. Wide varieties of decorative candles are available in the market scented candles, floating candlesbut this time, decorate some candles on your own. Use ribbons, flowers or decorative holders to create a majestic look..

Antique Decorations

This Diwali takes out all your old and unused antique utensils and metal art crafts and utilizes them for decorations. Paint them glossy or just decorate them with glitter and some mirrors for a sparkling look. Decorate a corner or your kitchen with them by placing beautiful candles, diyas or dim lighting between them.

Centerpieces :

Imbibe the ethnic feel in your foyer area by placing a magnificent statue of lord Ganesha to welcome your guests, don’t worry if you don’t have much space in the foyer, an impressive decorative lantern hanging in the middle of foyer will also do the trick. Adorn the Interior Design of your drawing room or living room with scented floating candles with marigold flowers in a clear bowl or put some ordinary candles in a decorate earthen vase surrounded by divas for a special look. Using a bright colored runner over the table will not only add to the look but will absorb any oil spilling from diyas too.


 Rangoli :


In India, drawing Rangoli at the threshold of footstep is integral to Diwali Decoration. Vibrant colors, flowers and even cereals are used to draw Rangoli interwoven with colors. Use a wet chalk to draw the design beforehand or use poster colors if you have kids at home. For ladies who are not that creative can visit the market before peak Diwali time for beautiful Rangoli stickers or stencils for amazing designs that will bring life to their home within few minutes. Place earthen divas on the Rangoli design, after all Diwali is the festival of lights!

Recyclable Rangoli

This is a new Rangoli trend flourishing these days. Those homemakers who want to save some time on Rangoli can go for recyclable rangoli which is made on reseal able material with different kind of designer items. One more kind of rangoli is the trend which is called Floating Rangoli. It is kept in water with floating candle or diya in between which gives a beautiful ambiance

 Wall Hangings:

Instead of just placing diyas on floor, buy diya holders in different patterns and hang at different parts of your home. Several string wall hangings are available in market at peak Diwali time which can be hanged on both sides of the door for ethnicity and bright look. Buy paper lanterns or decorative wall hangings with “shubh labh”, “Shubh deepawali” to add that special festive charm to your Diwali Decoration.


Pooja Ghar :


What is all this Diwali Decoration meant for? To please goddess Laxmi and lord Ganesha and so the Pooja room should be all lit up and decorated in a splendid way. Use flowers garlands, decorative diyas, candles and bright lighting to illuminate the Pooja room. Place string wall hangings, bells and bandhanwars on the Pooja room’s door. Try to create a traditional ambiance with a small Rangoli design, this time use flowers instead of colors.

Play with colors: 

The color you are still using change it to another color. Same type of color makes your home so dull. You can try different shades on different walls in one room. Most of the time mix-match shades works even better than the normal same color.

Art work:

A big piece of art work enhances the beauty of any room. 

Old traditional saris as drapery:

Reuse old saris with zari work for curtains, cushions and draperies.

Hang on the zula as traditional seating with draperies around it.

Beeds and mirror curtains also adds an ethnic touch to the ambience.


Decorate corners with art works, hanging lamps, statues, flower vase, lamp shades, potteries, hangings, etc to enliven the corners.


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